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The Underbottom Cabal

"When 'there is nowhere else to go but up,' turns out to be wrong, there's always the Underbottom."

~~Ulysses S. Underbottom ~~

The Underbottom Cabal is a small Discordian sect which is home to the Office of Found Files and Revealed Lies (O.F.F.R.L), the *****underconstruction****(FNORD), the Sacred Order of the All Seeing Heart, and is a safe harbor for a bunch of nobodies. 

OFFRL - Office of Found Files and Revealed Lies. The OFFRL houses certain Found Files and Revealed Lies regarding Discordianism and Chaos Magick that it has come across, and also acts as the administrative branch for the Underbottom Cabal.

FNoRD - First Nation of Real Discordians?. Under Constr.

SOASH - Sacred Order of the All Seeing Heart. - "Is sight as keen, when you can't see where you're going?"

Bunch of Nobodies - Also known as Nobodies' Bunch - A Bunch of Nobodies is a tribute to, and sanctuary for, all the Nobodies out there. If you've ever felt like or been a Nobody, and wish to be in a group with other Nobodies, you may join the Bunch of Nobodies for as long as you are in accordance with the following guidelines. You'll still be a Nobody of course, but at least you'll be a Nobody with Somebody else. And hey, in that way, they become Somebody, and you in turn become Somebody to Nobody too.

To become part of the Bunch of Nobodies, simply decide it so, under the following general conditions. You must create an anonymous name for chatting online with other Nobodies, or communicating with the public when you are on un-official Nobody business, preferably a name that relates to your particular Nobody status. You must desire and be willing to show common respect to all other Nobodies. You must be in alignment with the Nobodies' Bunch Platform, and anyone who is not, is obviously a Somebody Else.

The Nobodies' Bunch Platform

  • Work for the benefit of other Nobodies when possible, or when you have extra to give.

  • Work to lift all people higher, with their consent.

  • Root for the Underdogs when non one else will.

  • Champion the Lost and Forgotten. 

  • Spread Love, Knowledge, Truth, & Cheer. 

Maybe working together, a Bunch of Nobodies can can improve things for Everybody. 

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