Solving the Conditions Generated by the Ratios of Sums

The remaining system of equations is now solved in terms of the real and imaginary portions of the original input.

This system shows that in order for the Dirichlet Eta sum to have roots when a is between 0 and 1 that it must equal 1/2. That fact then confirms Riemann's Hypothesis.

*It should be noted at the time of making this webpage the paper has had minimal peer review. From the bit it has, a few housekeeping issues have been mentioned.

One, that I use the term complex portion of the complex number, which should more clearly be changed to the imaginary portion, as I have done in the web commentary.

Two, the statement at the end of the paper regarding equation 66 and 67 being studied separately for when certain sums equal 0 is incorrect. Those equations govern the requirements on the system and examining when individual sums equal 0 must be done at previous steps at certain earlier junctions throughout the  paper.

Lastly, there is statement in section 5 that could be misinterpreted as it was written. A note was left on that page.

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