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Minimocratic Trapezoidalism
Optimal Gov. Ratios Project
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Minimocratic Trapezoidalism, MinTrap for short, is a political and organizational structure designed around a few premises. The general idea is that systems should be as simple and efficient as possible, the minimal side, and that if they have hierarchy in some form, that it should take a trapezoid shape rather than rectangular or pyramidal. This is applied across both social and economic systems. Minimocratic Trapezoidalism prefers to build organizational systems, rather than governmental ones, and is frequently aligned with principles of Anarchism, Minarchism, Voluntarism, and Libertarianism.

Basic commentary on the form of US government often pits Democracy versus Constitutional Republic, useful for introductory discussions, however, the form is also more complex.  The next level model might include a description of the executive branch as a Monarchy, the Upper House as a Republic, the Lower House as a Democracy, and the Judicial System as an Oligarchy. Further layering of such a system, with an Electoral Constitution, makes tracking the effect of its input, the constituents, on its output, the state of the nation, more difficult. To what end then, do the ratios of citizens to representatives, at various levels of the system, effect the result?  

How well are the current ratios as set forth in the Constitution working when compared to the size of the populous?

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