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Twin Prime Conjecture Proof - Basic

This is a temporary post showing the basic outline of the logic used to solve the Twin Prime Conjecture. The proof shows the basic steps needed to prove there are infinitely many Twin Primes. There is a change of variables used 1/2 way down the photo/proof that was done simply for convention, and not all Algebraic steps are shown. A formal, detailed explanation is forthcoming and will be posted as soon as possible.

Until then, the basic technique and explanation is as follows: Start with 2 corresponding surfaces, transform them into 2 new corresponding surfaces, and then transform the 2 new surfaces into a quadratic and a final pair of surfaces. The quadratic is tied to the 4th, 5th and 6th surfaces such that choosing values not on the surfaces, as the inputs to the quadratic, generates only Twin Primes. Because the surfaces do not span the Naturals, a value can always be found to generate another twin, and thus there are infinitely many Twin Primes.

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