Welcome to the Thoughtfarm, a site built for the synthesis of various information, sharing ideas and solutions, and encouraging an attitude of modern renaissance through expressions of science, art, and creativity. Thoughtfarm currently hosts Riemannhypothesis.org, and is home to the Thoughtfarm Blog, the Circle of Knowledge, the Circle Board Game, and promotes Rogue Physics projects, various Math Papers, and other miscellaneous art and writings. It also serves as the springboard for possible upcoming projects, including The Poor Wizard's Almanac, the Optimum Color Deck Sleeves startup, a Hypno Trigger Register, the 151st Trollcrusher Division, Drips and Drops Matter, The Angry Dust Bunny, and more.

     The site is updated sporadically, and often contains material under construction. Some of it is fairly refined, while other items may be incomplete, silly, erroneous, outdated, or for archiving, brain-storming, and other purposes. This may include some limited site functionality. If you would like to contribute to the topics, there are somewhat functional chat mechanics and forums, or contact me if you would like to possibly integrate your material into the site, or to work together on a specific project.

Main pages are navigated using the menu at the top of the page. Most other topics are found on the sub-pages under the Circle and Projects menus. Site is best viewed from a desktop. Best Wishes from the Thoughtfarm, and enjoy your surfing.

At this time, any donations go towards supporting the site creator, and are non-refundable and not tax deductible. In the future, if the projects grow in size, and if it is possible, all donations will go directly towards those projects. Thank you for your support and generosity.

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