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Here you can find descriptions of, and links to, the projects on the site, active or intended. I suffer from the curse of the polymath and may never get to all these, but in a perfect world I would.


The Games page is the landing page for thoughtfarm games. Right now there is only the circle game (see below), and an idea about some gaming sleeves.

Circle Game

The Circle Game is a fully prototyped game that is sitting in development. If you are inclined to download and assemble the required materials, it is provided 100% free on the Circle game page. It's an excellent game with tons of potential, but beware, it's very epic and involved, with a medium to steep learning curve. Think Dungeons & Dragons meets Risk meets Magic the Gathering, on steroids. Playthroughs can last 4 hours to 4 days. Future revision is aimed at trimming it down or splitting into many smaller games for the games page. All Rights Reserved.

Poor Wizard's Almanac

The Poor Wizard's Almanac is an upcoming idea for a monthly or quarterly digital Almanac covering topics from Thoughtfarm and the Circle of Knowledge.

Big Book Cookbook

The Big Book Cookbook is a lighthearted, somewhat comical take, on a book about writing books, done in recipe style. Each recipe is for a different genre or topic of book, and each also includes a food recipe for a dish associated with that type of book. The idea is to release 1 a month, or every other month, or well, when I can get to the next one, and eventually put them all in 1 book. Some are started on the page, some of the templates are blank. 

Greenthoughts is a page for some Activism ideas and solutions that can be addressed and implemented. At current, there are 4 topics on the Greenthoughts platform. See the project page for more info.

One has to do with the current ongoing environmental hazard and waste generated by gasoline nozzles at fueling stations. 

One addresses the waste created by inefficient food jars, and generally any inefficient food containers. 

One addresses the continual decrease in the quality of public water supply, and how it relates to Chlorine in drinking water. 

One is an idea related to trading card protective sleeves, to improve sleeves and cut down on waste. 

1st Trollcrusher Division

The 1st Trollcrusher Division was an idea to create a network of people and resources for those dealing with online trolling, bullying, hate, cyber stalking, and the likes. Anyone can join the Trollcrushers using the guidelines found on the main page.


I have some ideas on how to improve the card sleeve industry, and this is a place to potentially develop or promote those ideas.

Angry Dust Bunny

Angry Dust Bunny is a character I created decades ago, but never put to use. The character is suited to a comic of some kind, possibly political or maybe more random, or as part of the Almanac. 

Hypno Archive

The idea behind the archive would be to create a place where hypnotists could log and share triggers and their associated outcomes. This would allow for better results for the subjects and decreased effort needed by the hypnotists. Right now there is nothing in the archive. provides basic information and links about the Riemann Hypothesis and is dedicated to proof attempts, especially the ones developed by Thoughtfarm. Right now information is limited, but the idea is to add more history as well as possibly host or link to other's proofs or attempts. 

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