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Circle Game full 3.5.png


This is a board game based on the Circle of Knowledge. You can see the Universal template that was used to create it, and how it correlates to the circle above. It is in Beta, v.3.0.  The game uses chips, cards, dice, and pieces to build a deck and adventure around the map, while quest events help and hinder the players. Players attempt to raise their adventure level to 8 by completing objectives, or may try to knock all other players from the game through battle. The game is for 2 to 8 players.

For those willing to print out the board, cards, and gather the required pieces, the game has a full prototype, and is available to download. An older Beta v.2.0, and a newer v.3.0. are linked below. Both versions play well, creating many unique game states, but they suffer from the 2 problems below.

Problem 1 is the learning curve. Both versions are a "gamer's game," and have a lot going on, and much to think about and track. They are fairly epic in attempted scope, and will not appeal to someone wanting a quick game. Which leads to problem 2, time to play. While player's who know the game can finish in under 4 hours, new players may find their first few plays through take 8 hours or even more. Beta v3.0. is much more condensed than v.2.0. in many aspects, and does have ways to limit the play to under 2 hours, once learned, but it still is clunky to get going.

Further revisions, should they occur, will still focus on improved consolidated playability and time frame. The game has so much material that it may actually lend itself to splitting into separate games. Basically it has great core material, it just needs more consolidation and revision.

If you are looking for an epic game, and enjoy long games of Risk or D&D campaigns, the materials are linked below. If you are interested in working on the game or have feedback, feel free to contact me.

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