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DNA Wave Model
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1.      Quantum Structure of DNA and the Wave Modeling of everything

a)      Wave models - In elementary modern or atomic physics classes one quickly is introduced to the current mathematical model of the hydrogen atom.  Mathematical wave equations are produced from this.  Later the student of physics learns to tune this model further by accounting for electron spins.  When some degree of aptitude is reached this technique is applied again to create wave equations for multiple atoms in contact.  It may prove valuable to apply this to all compounds in the OChRE.  This information could then be used to track traits and characteristics of substances and search for alternative substances with qualities we deem important.

b)      For DNA – Personally, I am especially intrigued at mapping the energy levels of humans DNA as well as creating physical models of larger biological components.  Those formulae, cross-referenced with the genome project’s information, would add to our understanding the keys to our evolution.  A DNA molecule is comprised of 6 chemicals.  Four, Adenine, Guanine, Cymene, and Thiamine, make up the “rungs” of the double helix ladder.  Two others comprise the ladder “poles”.  Each of these six chemical molecules is comparatively simple limited to only about 17 atoms.  Again applying limiting techniques such as with OChRE, modern beings should be able to calculate the number of DNA combination possibilities as well as generate an energy model of these forms.  **As an added side note, mastering this would be a necessary step should anyone take the idea of teleportation seriously.

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