Circle of Knowledge and Circle Game system updates

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Graphical updates have been made to the Circle of knowledge and the Circle game universal system. Nothing has changed with the game at the moment, though it likely will soonish, however the system used to design the game was updated. The newest circle is shown here, and can normally be found here. The game update is here., as the last graphic, version 3.0 full.

Circle change log:

Increased resolution to 4k+

Improved some color gradients

Swapped 4 word locations

Added 2 word locations

Changed 3 external words

Added Stats

Improved groupings of external words and added category names

Added fonts

Game change log:

Increased resolution to 4k+

Swapped some external common class example locations

Added tertiary element ring and names

Added land type associations ring and graphics

Added fonts

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