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1st Trollcrusher Division

The 1st Trollcrusher Division was an idea to create a network of people and resources for those dealing with online trolling, bullying, hate, cyber stalking, and the likes. Anyone can join the Trollcrushers using the following guidelines

  1. Look through the register of divisions and pick a Division to join, or choose a number not already chosen and register your own.

  2. You may also make a new Battalion within a division.

  3. Make a page or group for your division somewhere, stating where you patrol, and something to the effect that you wish to spread positivity, stand against and wish to heal hate, and how you are available to those in your domain or what resources you offer.

  4. Generally take the role of calling out abuse, deescalating situations, sticking up for others, helping people learn to protect themselves, or offering other links and numbers or resources to those in need. 

  5. This was just a rough preliminary list to start fleshing out the idea, it needs to be updated and improved, and the register doesn't exist yet.

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