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Logical and Emotional Roboticism

Often, people commonly associate robots with being logical, or reversely claim, that some who are very logical are "acting robotic". However, what can be said of emotional robots?
A common model of the brain follows physiology and asserts a left-brain, right-brain functional system, with the thinking-logical side and the creative-emotive side respectively. Studies show that many chemicals used in starting a chain of emotion reaction are emitted from areas located on the brain’s central axis. Following this idea, ponder what happens when only half of the function of the brain is used. At the extreme of the right brain function, if one is constantly using and overwhelmed by the chemicals of emotions, and follows only their resulting compulsions, then they could be considered in a manner “acting robotic”, for they are then blindly programmed following certain reactionary protocols. Many have spent hours practicing techniques to monitor and control these “animal” impulses and have successfully accomplished a less “robotic-animal” more “human” state. These methods usually include focusing body-mind in an effort to actually stop the hormonal chemical impulse in the body as well as a left-brain logical meditation or linguistic mantra to aid self-reconditioning.
However, now consider those logical, Spockian folk, highly skilled at “emotional control”, regulating and control those chemical fluctuations, denying all such impulses. This person has then given in to their left side function and again finds themselves “acting robotic”, following only logical directive if-then protocols.
To reiterate, increasing reliance solely on an emotional mind function, or solely only a logical one, tends to increase the robotic nature of the practitioner. The balance or cooperative interaction of these minds generates more “human” and less "robotic" qualities then either alone. Finally, consider the many benefits that may come from getting in tune with both of these self aspects individually. Gaining awareness, skill, and understanding in each side, can increase the skill at balancing between the two.
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