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The Most Private Thing

The most private thing,

that I will admit,

is that I won't spill,

the half of it.

I won't reveal,

my dirty habits.

I'll hide my failures,

and "should'a-had-its"

You'll never see,

my lesser moods,

I've got the,

coolest attitude.

And of course I'll try,

to cloak my quirks,

and stash away,

my "you're a jerks."

In fact, I'm perfect,

in every way,

and hey,

aren't we all today?

But what do you mean,

that it's too late?

That I've spilled the beans

on this very date?

That the things I said,

I'd never tell,

revealed my nature,

just as well?

Whatever though,

I've gotta go,

but before I do,

I wanna know...

The most private thing,

that YOU'LL admit,

that you won't admit,

the half of it.

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